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Peekamoose Blue Hole

Denning (Ulster County)

Why we love it

Despite — or perhaps because — of its remote location, Peekamoose Blue Hole has become an extremely popular destination. The reason for its allure: It offers a rare opportunity to plunge into a Catskills waterhole. Centuries of scouring by sand and gravel swirling through a whirlpool created this depression in Rondout Creek. Likewise, Mother Nature has provided several rock platforms for diving into the clear, always-frigid water. All you need to bring is a bathing suit, a picnic and a desire to have some old-fashioned fun.


To limit the unmanageable crowds that once flocked here, reservations are now required. To make one, visit


  • Swimming hole in the heart of the Catskills
  • Clear, frigid water

Directions, hours, etc.: