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Piermont Pier

Piermont Pier
Piermont Pier (Photo: @synchronousnewyork)

Piermont (Rockland County)

Why we love it

Here’s your chance to stand in the middle of the Hudson River and not get wet. You’ll also stride along (almost) a mile of history to get there. Hand-built in the mid-1800s, the 4,000-foot-long pier originally served as the terminus of the Erie Railroad; passengers disembarked from trains onto boats bound for New York City. During World War II, some 500,000 GIs stepped off the pier onto troop ships headed for Europe, earning it the nickname “Last Stop U.S.A.” Today, it offers a super place to enjoy cool breezes and savor spectacular views without worrying about seasickness.

More to explore

The quaint Village of Piermont contains interesting shops and restaurants. Swim in the pool at Tallman Mountain State Park or rent a kayak to explore the habitats in Piermont Marsh, one of the Hudson’s great tidal wetlands. Next to the pier, Kane Park’s playground will delight kids.


  • Outstanding river views
  • Great spot for fishing

Directions, hours, etc.: