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Reese Audubon Sanctuary

Reese Audubon Sanctuary
Reese Audubon Sanctuary (Photo: Polly Sparling)

New Hamburg (Dutchess County)

Why we love it

Birds greatly outnumber people at this 98-acre preserve — combined with pristine beauty and relative quiet, that makes this a super destination for an afternoon’s amble. The trail tops a bluff along a wide stretch of Wappinger Creek, offering views of the water along almost its entire, mile-long length. While herons — and maybe a bald eagle — soar beneath your feet over the creek’s surface, songbirds tweet above your head. When people talk about the rejuvenating power of nature, it’s places like this they have in mind.

More to explore

Not far away, 300-acre Bowdoin Park features an impressive playground and water feature, picnic areas and miles of additional trails.


  • A quiet and pristine 1-mile trail
  • Birds galore

Directions, hours, etc.: