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Storm King Mountain

Cornwall (Orange County)

Why we love it

If the rocky meadow atop Storm King Mountain doesn’t offer the best view of the Hudson River, it certainly ranks near the top of the list. The loop that rings the crown of Storm King also provides views from several other vantage points, giving hearty hikers a great perspective on the Hudson Valley in several different directions. The views don’t come easy, though. The steep climbs can make the loop feel much longer than its actual 2.5 miles. But for those willing to burn the calories, the rewards of hiking Storm King will make you feel like royalty.

More to explore

The beautiful trails at Black Rock Forest are almost across the street from Storm King’s trailhead.


  • Fantastic (best?) overlook of the Hudson River
  • Steep trails with views scattered all around the mountain
  • Coolest-sounding hike name

Directions, hours, etc.: