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Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
Chickens at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary (Photo: Melissa Cacioppo)

High Falls (Ulster County)

Why we love it

A haven for over 400 farm animals that had far-from-idyllic lives before their rescue, the sanctuary not only allows young people to connect with pigs, cows, goats, chickens, etc., but helps them understand why all creatures deserve to be treated humanely. On one-hour tours, kids can go inside barns, coops and pens and get “up close and personal” with their residents. As the sanctuary website states, “Visitors walk away having learned that these animals … each have unique personalities and can be as affectionate and loyal as a dog or cat.” Now, that’s a lesson worth sharing with young and old alike.

More to explore

Up the day’s wow factor by walking across the Rosendale Trestle on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. The 940-foot span stands 150 feet above Rondout Creek, offering outstanding views.


  • Hundreds of farm animals
  • 1.5-mile walk

Directions, hours, etc.: