You share our LOVE for the Hudson River and its lands, communities and people.

You’ve helped us PROTECT more than 52,000 acres, transform polluted riverfronts into great new parks, and create exciting trails for hiking and biking.

Together, we CONNECT all people to places where nature can heal, soothe and energize every day.

We hope you’ll be inspired by these videos from renowned filmmaker Jon Bowermaster. They showcase just some of what Scenic Hudson parks have to offer.

Thanks to your generosity and enthusiasm for our mission, we’ve built on our decades-long track record in continuing to preserve and enhance the unique natural treasures that make up the region’s very fabric.

By sustaining your generous support for Scenic Hudson, we can ensure these special places that so many people LOVE remain safe and inviting, and we can PROTECT more lands that CONNECT residents and visitors to our region’s world-class natural and scenic beauty. We’re counting on your partnership!