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Coast Guard Wise to Avoid for Now Citizen-Opposed Hudson Anchorages and Pursue Other Navigational Safety Measures

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 -- Scenic Hudson

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Coast Guard doesn’t rule out anchorages and Scenic Hudson still says river safety doesn’t require them

HUDSON VALLEY, N.Y.—Today the U.S. Coast Guard issued its report on the Hudson River Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment (PAWSA) workshops held in November 2017. The PAWSA workshops were held in response to a proposal for new anchorages for 43 industrial barges carrying hazardous chemicals on the Hudson River. The proposal, which created a groundswell of public opposition, was extensively vetted at the two PAWSA workshops.

March 10: Opportunities for Outdoor Volunteering, Learning Showcased at Newburgh Event

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 -- Scenic Hudson

Jay Burgess
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Interpreter provided for Spanish-speaking participants

HUDSON VALLEY, N.Y.-Helping out and being outdoors feels great. At an upcoming Saturday event, Scenic Hudson will share information about how people can lend a hand in keeping the group's Hudson Valley public parks healthy and inviting-for people and wildlife. Those who attend also can learn about options for class or group field trips, hands-on workdays and collaborative events. Scenic Hudson parks are along 125 miles of the Hudson River.