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Coast Guard Wise to Avoid for Now Citizen-Opposed Hudson Anchorages and Pursue Other Navigational Safety Measures

Hayley Carlock
Director of Environmental Advocacy, Scenic Hudson, Inc.
845 891 3148

Coast Guard doesn’t rule out anchorages and Scenic Hudson still says river safety doesn’t require them

HUDSON VALLEY, N.Y.—Today the U.S. Coast Guard issued its report on the Hudson River Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment (PAWSA) workshops held in November 2017. The PAWSA workshops were held in response to a proposal for new anchorages for 43 industrial barges carrying hazardous chemicals on the Hudson River. The proposal, which created a groundswell of public opposition, was extensively vetted at the two PAWSA workshops.

From a Coast Guard press release and a quick review of a lengthy report accompanying it, Scenic Hudson made a preliminary statement.

Scenic Hudson Director of Environmental Advocacy Hayley Carlock said, “From what we can determine at this point, the Coast Guard has rightly found that new anchorages along the Hudson were not one of the agreed-upon recommendations to come out of the PAWSA workshops, and is immediately focusing on other measures including creating a Hudson River Safety Committee. While the Coast Guard is not moving forward with new anchorage regulations at this time, the report states that decisions have not been made on whether the Coast Guard will continue to push forward the ill-conceived anchorages proposal in the future. The workshops established that there is no current risk for which anchorages are the best or most appropriate solution. Safety on the river can be created without anchorages that would damage the Hudson’s natural resources, community assets and regional economies. We’ll stay active on this issue. We look forward to delving into all the details from the Coast Guard’s report.”

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