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Scenic Hudson Statement on “Freedom from Fossil Fuels Act” Proposed by Sen. Jen Metzger

Andy Bicking, Scenic Hudson Director of Public Policy
(914) 489-0362,

Scenic Hudson Statement on “Freedom from Fossil Fuels Act” Proposed by Sen. Jen Metzger

HUDSON VALLEY—Scenic Hudson today released the following statement regarding the “Freedom from Fossil Fuels Act” proposed by Senator Jen Metzger.

“Senator Metzger’s visionary bill not only recognizes the urgency of taking more direct and immediate action to confront the climate crisis—the greatest environmental challenge of our time—but provides a framework for incorporating land-use planning into a statewide strategy for hastening New York State’s ability to reduce our dependence on fossil-fuel generating power plants and greatly increasing supplies from renewable energy. Its plan to expand the number of regional councils from only two to nine will help to incorporate measures specific to each region into the state energy plan as we make this critical transition. In addition, the requirement to include representatives from social justice, environmental, public health and local grassroots organizations in the makeup of the state’s energy planning board will ensure that all people have a seat at the table in determining our state’s smart energy future,” said Scenic Hudson Director of Public Policy Andy Bicking.

Mr. Bicking added, “The importance of land-use planning at the regional level, with input from local communities, is essential to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of New York’s energy development plans. Too often, siting decisions for energy facilities are taking place without full understanding of their impact on natural resources of local and regional importance, and the opportunity that well-sited renewable energy facilities can create for local communities.

“Scenic Hudson applauds Sen. Metzger and looks forward to the Legislature supporting these provisions.”

More information about the bill is available at this link.