2018 Annual Report

Focusing on Three Emerging Themes

Ned Sullivan and Kristin Gamble

Scenic Hudson’s recent accomplishments deliver huge benefits—providing outdoor exercise and relaxation, clean air and drinking water, fresh food and fun activities for children to explore nature. Adding to our 55-year track record of protecting and connecting people to the Hudson Valley’s natural treasures, we:

  • Conserved a world-class landscape in the Hudson Highlands, assuring permanent public access to one of the region’s premier hiking trails and safeguarding inspiring vistas from Storm King Mountain and other popular viewpoints;
  • Created an exciting new park within a Catskills landscape immortalized on canvas by Hudson River School painter Thomas Cole; and
  • Rallied a groundswell of citizen activists to help us block plans to establish new barge anchorages on the Hudson that could have led to increased crude oil shipments and the potential for spills.

Over the last year, we also broadened our impacts—and took steps to ensure all people benefit from our work—by focusing on three emerging themes: Promoting Regional Identity, Building Community and Strengthening Resiliency. By enhancing our partnerships with citizens and groups in the valley’s diverse communities, urban and rural, we’ve already made great strides in:

  • Transforming neglected natural treasures in our inner cities into safe and engaging places for residents and visitors to explore nature, enjoy outdoor recreation and come together; and
  • Making the Hudson Valley a model for embracing renewable energy without destroying iconic views, productive farmland and irreplaceable habitat.

Scenic Hudson’s work is especially gratifying because it unites you with people across the valley—to express concerns at a community meeting, blaze a new trail, send emails urging a more comprehensive PCB cleanup or count eels swimming up a Hudson River tributary. Through your shared commitment, you become a powerful force for safeguarding those natural assets that attract visitors from around the world and, more important, make this a healthy and fun place to raise our families.


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