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People Who Make a Difference: Mark Magaña

Mark Magaña is the founding president of GreenLatinos, a national non-profit that connects Latino environmental leaders. The organization tackles natural resource and conservation issues that directly affect the health and welfare of Latino communities throughout the U.S., and mentors current and future Latino environmental leaders. 

Poster Artist Katelyn Staab: “Before college, I went to BOCES for two years (during high school) to study graphic design. My art style focuses on architectural spaces, while also exploring anime and logo design.”

Words of Inspiration

“The best way for mainstream organizations to engage Latinos is to partner with local Latino-based organizations, identify issues that resonate locally, and work together to find solutions…. Latinos do not simply mobilize for a movement or a cause. They do [it] to improve their livelihoods and the future of their children.” —Mark Magaña

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