Bear Mountain Bridge

Bear Mountain Bridge

To safeguard the Hudson Highlands’ beauty, we partnered in a successful lawsuit to stop construction of a 14-story condominium just north of the Bear Mountain Bridge.
Plum Point

Sloop Hill (New Windsor)

Preserving a prominently visible river promontory and prime bald eagle habitat, NYS acquired 100 acres slated for a 530-unit condominium. Scenic Hudson played a lead role in securing the land’s protection.
Trains bearing crude oil in Albany

Expanded Crude Oil Operations (Albany)

Decreasing the likelihood of hazardous spills and health threats in local neighborhoods, Global Partners decided not to build new crude oil facilities. We partnered in opposing the expanded operations.

Proposed Hudson River Anchorages

Preserving water quality and habitats, the U.S. Coast Guard abandoned plans for 10 new “parking lots” for 43 vessels carrying hazardous substances. We mobilized thousands of citizens to fight the proposal.
Proposed Yonkers waterfront towers

Riverfront Towers (Yonkers)

Securing public riverfront access and preserved downtown Palisades views resulted from a settlement we brokered to stop construction of a wall of 38-story towers along the city’s waterfront.

St. Lawrence Cement Plant (Hudson)

Preserving air quality and iconic views from Olana, NYS rejected plans to erect this 20-building manufacturing complex resulting from our grassroots campaign to stop its construction.
Indian Point nuclear plant

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (Buchanan)

Ending the harm it causes aquatic wildlife and public safety, New York State and plant owner Entergy agreed to close this outdated facility by 2021 — ending our decades-long campaign to shut it down.

LG Headquarters (Englewood, NJ)

In a “win-win” for the environment and the economy, LG Electronics reached an agreement with us and partners to reduce the height of its proposed corporate tower atop the Palisades, preserving magnificent views and keeping jobs in the region.

Pilgrim Pipelines (Hudson Valley)

We engaged citizens and communities to oppose this proposal to construct two crude oil pipelines through the valley. The outcry against the project led to its abandonment, halting potential environmental, public health and safety threats.

Storm King Mountain (Cornwall)

Conserving the iconic northern gateway to the Hudson Highlands, Con Edison agreed not to build a destructive hydroelectric plant. Scenic Hudson was established to protect the mountain and led the successful 17-year campaign.