We are more committed than ever to protecting and preserving the resources that make this such an amazing place to live and work. Do you share our vision? Let us know below.

President Ned Sullivan shares Scenic Hudson’s hopeful vision of the future in this video by award-winning documentary filmmaker Jon Bowermaster.

Each year about this time, we gather with friends and supporters at one of our beautiful parks for our annual gala. Surrounded by the scenic land we work so hard to preserve, we connect with each other to celebrate our successes and share our dreams for the future.

While we regret we can’t meet with you in person this year, we want to share our vision for a vibrant, safe and healthy Hudson Valley — and we want to hear from you.

We’re more convinced than ever that we can be a model for the rest of the nation. Why? Watch Ned’s video to find out (and to hear a moving personal story with a surprise plot twist). Then share your vision with us below.

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Our Hopeful Vision for the Future

We are committed to building and nurturing a world where:

  • People treat each other with love, respect, and compassion
  • Technology is harnessed to bring us together and to save the natural world that is our home
  • Collective action unites all people to ensure our water and air are safe to drink and breathe
  • Our farms continue to provide their bounty of healthy food
  • We face the challenge of climate change with intelligence and courage
  • The Hudson Valley is a vibrant, safe and healthy place to live and work for all its residents

What’s Your Vision?

Share your vision with us and it may show up in an animated short video we're creating.