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Covid-19 Update

While it’s great to see shops and restaurants reopening throughout the Hudson Valley, sustaining our region’s recovery depends on all of us remaining vigilant and smart — continuing social distancing and other health guidelines. I urge you to keep masking up when you’re out and about and visiting Scenic Hudson parks.

Scenic Hudson counts on the generosity of our supporters to achieve results that benefit and unite all communities — providing safe places to enjoy the outdoors, clean water and air, and access to fresh, local food. But we can’t do it alone; we need your help. While normally we’d be having a fundraiser to gather our friends and generous supporters in one of our beautiful parks, this year we’ve created a special webpage.

At this page, you’ll find a video made by my friend, kayak buddy and renowned filmmaker Jon Bowermaster. It tells a high-stakes story from my past and shares my vision — and Scenic Hudson’s — of how we can respond to the COVID crisis… bringing people together here in the valley, while protecting the vital lands and natural resources that keep us healthy. The page also gives you the opportunity to share your vision of the future. I’d love to hear your thoughts…

…I mean it.