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How To Solar Now Virtual Conference: Event Recordings

Our How To Solar Now initiative encompasses education on siting, zoning, mapping, and smart, successful development of solar energy systems on everything from landfills to rooftops.

Our January 21, 2021 virtual conference introduced Scenic Hudson’s How To Solar Now toolkit, including a detailed overview and demonstration of Scenic Hudson‘s new Solar Mapping Tool and how it can help local stakeholders and solar developers with smart solar planning in Hudson Valley communities. Our guest speakers provided context for the importance of the Solar Mapping Tool in relation to new state climate laws, and discussed how it can be used at the local level. Our panelists led deeper dives into three topics: planning and zoning for solar, general site selection considerations and reviewing a specific site, and a closer look at natural and agricultural resource considerations.

Virtual Conference

Breakout Session: General Site Selection Considerations and Reviewing a Specific Site

Breakout Session: A Closer Look at Natural and Agricultural Resource Considerations

Breakout Session: Planning and Zoning for Solar