Conserving Your Land

Scenic Hudson helps private landowners conserve their property in a number of ways.

Land Conservation

The most direct way to protect land is to own it. The Scenic Hudson Land Trust owns thousands of acres of parks and preserves in the Hudson Valley. We have acquired this land through donations from landowners and by outright purchase.

Alternatively, conservation easements offer landowners the opportunity to permanently restrict the use of their land, while maintaining ownership.

Have a Property You’d Like to Conserve?

Working with Partners

Scenic Hudson partners with other conservation groups, local communities, New York State and the federal government, to orchestrate and facilitate land preservation projects. For example, we assist communities and conservation partners to secure funds to purchase properties and conservation easements either alone or together with Scenic Hudson. We own several properties jointly with local communities, where together we involved the community in raising the funds needed to purchase the land and creating a vision for public use of the land. Sometimes we will acquire land with the intention of later transferring it to New York State or other partners. And in some cases, we own land and local land trusts and other partners work with us to manage the property for public use.

Contact us if there is a project in your community that Scenic Hudson might be able to help with.

Who do I contact to:

For information about other land issues, please contact the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC):


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