Van der Donck Park at Larkin Plaza

Scenic Hudson spearheaded the "daylighting" (uncovering) of the Saw Mill River that forms the centerpiece of this exciting urban oasis.


Daylit Saw Mill River, Yonkers

The restored Saw Mill River in downtown Yonkers.

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YONKERS, Westchester County—When is a river not a river? When it’s buried underground—as the Saw Mill River was in downtown Yonkers for much of the 20th century. Scenic Hudson took initial planning steps to demonstrate the feasibility of “daylighting” (uncovering) this important Hudson River tributary and partnered with local stakeholders to convince city officials to launch this revolutionary project. Work completed in 2012 transformed an unsightly parking lot in Larkin Plaza into exciting Van der Donck Park, with a rippling Saw Mill as its centerpiece. Located across from the city’s busy Metro-North station, the park provides an excellent place to relax and enjoy nature—including eels, which are making a comeback in the resurrected river. The city continues daylighting portions of the Saw Mill and creating esplanades along it as a foundation of the downtown’s ongoing economic revitalization. 

Van Der Donck Park
Van der Donck Park
Yonkers, NY 10701

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