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RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary

Walking or paddling, a trip through the Hudson River’s largest forested tidal swamp offers many surprises.

CATSKILL, Greene County (612 acres) — A swamp may not have the cachet of a mountain peak, but what it lacks in grandeur it makes up for in wildlife diversity. And as RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary proves, swamps can be exceedingly beautiful — full of wildflowers, rustling marsh grasses and intriguing rock outcroppings. Paddling through the creek, curvy as old-fashioned ribbon candy, you’ll make the acquaintance of dragonflies, great blue herons, flocks of waterfowl, muskrats and river otters, and maybe a bald eagle. In other words, while this is an ideal place to get away from it all, you’ll have plenty of company.

RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary is co-owned and co-managed with Audubon New York. For inquiries and information about educational and public programming, contact Audubon New York at 845-265-2601.

Free and open year-round, dawn to dusk.

Discovering RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary
A short film by Jon Bowermaster/Oceans 8 films, music by Meena Ysanne.


The health and safety of park visitors remains one of our top priorities. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 endemic, all special events and group outings must be pre-approved. To coordinate one, please fill out this form and email Anthony Coneski.

Thanks for doing your part to protect yourself and others so we can continue to make Scenic Hudson parks and preserves available for all.


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